Combined Tours

Combined Tours

Kolsay lakes
Charyn Canyon

Modern and traditional Central Asia

  • Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan
  • 12 days
  • 11 nights
Tour summary:

Choosing this trip you can compare modern sites with historical heritage of Central Asia. This tour is combined with modern developed Kazakhstan.

Tour itinerary:
Day 1: Almaty

Arrival to Almaty. Meeting with English speaking guide. You will get acquainted with Almaty's history and see the Ascension Cathedral – the second highest wooden building in the world. Afterwards you will visit the Museum of Musical Instruments. Then we will drive to Medeo. It is an ice stadium located in the mountains. In the afternoon will drive to the “Hawks nursery”. At this place people train hawks, eagles, golden eagles to hunt together with them. In the evening drive to KokTebe to see the panorama view of Almaty. Night will be in a hotel.

Day 2: Almaty - Altyn-Emel

After breakfast – transfer to Tamgaly Tas.

TamgalyTas is a famous monument of ancient rock carvings – petroglyphs. They are likely to be carved more than two thousand years ago, approximately in XVI-XIV centuries BC. Among the depicted images there are mysterious Gods and Buddhistic inscriptions, widely known among experts of Indian culture. Archaeologists suggest that there used to be a sacred Buddhist temple, used for prayer and meditation by local people. In addition, TamgalyTas has preserved ancient Turkic runic inscriptions of VIII-IX centuries, which might be left by Kipchaks.

Besshatyr and the ‘Stonehenge’ of Kazakh Steppes

Another attraction of Altyn-Emel Nature Park is Besshatyr – a complex of five royal burial mounds, which look like natural hills, above 20 metres each. According to historians, Saka (Scythian) rulers of VI-III centuries BC are buried there.

13:00-14:00 Lunch.

Trip on Singing Dune in park the Altyn-Emel.

Transfer to the hotel Return to AltynEmel hotel. Dinner and overnignt in AltynEmel.

Day 3: Altyn-Emel – Kolsay lakes

Breakfast at the hotel and check-out. Drive to Kolsay lakes.

Kaindy Lake (birch lake) is situated among magnificent pine forest at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and is famous for its origin. It was formed in 1911 due to the powerful earthquake that triggered the landslide blocked the alley by the natural dam, and the water has flooded the valley. The water of the lake is very cold, that is why the needles of the flooded trees are well preserved and clearly visible through the transparent surface of the water, and dry stems of fir trees overlook the water surface, like the masts of the submarine squadron. Transfer to Saty settlement, accommodation in the guest house. Dinner. Overnight in guest house.

Day 4: Kolsay - Charyn - Almaty

Breakfast. Departure to Almaty at 09:00am. Sightseeing at Charyn Canyon on the way.

Charyn Canyon is a natural complex, unique in its kind not only in Kazakhstan but also worldwide. It was formed during Paleogene and reminds the Grand Canyon of Colorado River in North America, although inferior to it in size. The height of the steep slopes of the canyon is up to 150-300 meters. Extraordinary dissection of the terrain is striking: the numerous ravines form a dense, chaotic network. Wind and water have created the beautiful "Valley of Castles", where you are always surrounded by the fancy towers composed of sedimentary rocks. The length of the valley - more than 2 km, width - 20-80 meters. Arrival to Almaty at 19:00 and dinner in a local restaurant.

Overnight in Almaty.

Day 5: Almaty - Tashkent

Breakfast. Flight to Tashkent. Meeting at the airport by English speaking guide.

The visit of sightseeings of the capital:

  • Khazrati Imam complex including constructions of different centuries
  • The Museum of Applied Art
  • Accommodation to the hotel.
  • Place of Independence
  • Timur’s square and museum

Overnight in Tashkent.

Day 6: Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva

Breakfast Flight to Urgench at 7: 00 arrival at 8: 40 Drive to Khiva – a museum city of 2500 years old, where you can see only historical monuments built in different époques. Accommodation to the hotel.

The visit of sightseeings of the city considered as (Museum under the sky):

  • Ichan-Kala internal city surrounded by walls rebuilt in XIX century
  • Different wonderful Palaces of governors who ever ruled in Khiva
  • Medressahs of Mokhammed Rakhimkhan and M. Aminkhan
  • Pakhlavan Makhmoud’s mausoleum

Overnight in Khiva.

Day 7: Khiva - Bukhara

Breakfast .Drive to Bukhara which is famous under the name (Kubbat al Islam)-the dome of Islam. (450 km)

Lunch-picnic on the way in desert.

Arrival at the evening. Accommodation to the hotel. Free -time

Overnight in Bukhara

Day 8: Bukhara

Breakfast. The visit of sightseeing’s of the city:

  • Ismail Samanid’s mausoleum the most ancient historical building of Bukhara X -century
  • Chashma Ayub mausoleum with the museum of water’s history of region.
  • Bolo khauz mosque famous as a mosque of emirs “ title of governors”
  • Ark fortress residence of emirs
  • The excursion along old part of Bukhara
  • 3 commercial domes – Toki Telpakfurushon, Toki Sarrafon, Toki Zargaron
  • The medressahs of Ulugbek, Abdulazizkhan, Mir Arab working nowadays
  • Kalon mosque and minaret the highest in Bukhara 48 m.
  • Labi – Khauz complex where you can see 2 medressahs, small lake surrounded with old trees, and Nodir Devonbegi’s Kanaga built in XVII century

Dinner. Folklor show in Nodir Devanbegi medressah.

Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 9: Bukhara - Samarkand

Breakfast. Drive to Samarkand historical capital who is 2750 years old.

Accommodation to the hotel.

The visit of sightseeings of the city:

  • Gur Emir mausoleum – the sepulture of Timurid’s dynasty
  • Reghistan place –historical center , ancient crossroad of all streets, consists of 3 medrassahs “daygaku” of XV-XVII century

Overnight in Samarkand.

Day 10: Samarkand - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand


Drive to Shakhrisabz native city of Great Timur.

  • Akaray palace a summer residence of Great Timur
  • Dorut – Tilovat complex
  • Dorus – Siadat complex with empty grave of Timur

Drive back to Samarkand

Overnight in Samarkand

Day 11: Samarkand - Tashkent

Breakfast. Continue of tour:

  • Ulugbek’s observatory the first in Central Asia built in XV century
  • Saint Daniel’ mausoleum
  • Shakhi-Zinda mausoleum where you can see the tomb of Kussam ibn Abbas who was a cousin of prophet Mokhammed
  • Local bazaar
  • Bibikhanum mosque

Transfer to railway station to take a train to Tashkent.

Accommodation to the hotel.

Overnight in Tashkent

Day 12: Tashkent - Departure

Breakfast. Transfer to airport and flight home.