Tours to Uzbekistan

Tours to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of high minarets and blue domes, it was the center of the Great silk road, this country will amaze you with a richness of its historical monuments and Oriental atmosphere.

Cultural Tours

Pearl of the East

Pearl of the East tour is a journey to legendary cities of ancient Silk Road such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent...
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The Flower of the desert

This is a trip to discover beautiful oases of Kyzyl-Kum desert, you will follow the steps of caravans passed through this territory.
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The Blue domes under the sun

Legendary cities of ancient Silk Road such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Shakhrisabz were always described by writers...
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Uzbek colours

Tashkent-Urgench-Khiva-Bukhara-Aydarkul-Asraf-Samarkand- Shakhrisabz-Tashkent
This is a cultural classic tour combined with yurts and villages, choosing this trip you will have a chance to see all...
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Uzbekistan from the west till the east

Tashkent-Nukus-Aral Sea-Muynak-Nukus-Ayaz Kala-Khiva-Bukhara-Nurata-Aydarkul-Asraf-Samarkand-Shakhrisabz-Tashkent-Ferghana-Tashkent
The tour presents whole Uzbekistan from the desert Kyzyl-Kum on the west to the valleys on the east. You will visit legendary...
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Special Tours

New year in Samarkand

New Year and Christmas are the holidays spent with a family, if you want to change the place for this holiday come with...
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Religious Tours

Nakshbandiya golden chain tour

Sufism was founded in Middle East, there are 12 Sufi brotherhoods and Central Asia gave three of them to the world. Kubraviya...
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The mystery of Sufism

Tashkent-Khiva-Dashoguz-Kunya Urgench-Ashgabat-Mary-Merv-Bukhara-Samarkand-Shakhrisabz-Kitab-Tashkent-Turkestan-Shymkent-Almaty
Central Asia is a native land for 3 Sufi orders. Kubraviya in Turkmenistan, Naqshbandiya in Uzbekistan and Yassaviya in...
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Trekking-hiking Tours

The highlands of nomads

Tashkent-Chimgan-Samarkand-Shakhrisabz-Katta Langar-Bukhara-Tashkent
Uzbekistan has different landscapes from deserts to mountainous valleys. Explore the nature treasures of Chimgan Mountains.
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The mountains and villages of oasis

Tashkent-Hayat-Uhum-Sentyab-Sob-Aydarkul-Samarkand-Saint David-Ayakchi-Shakhrisabz-Tashkent
This tour is dedicated to explore rural life of local people who still keep old local traditions combined with hiking through beautiful landscapes.
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The nature of Oasis

The nature world of Uzbekistan is various: wonderful green valleys, sandy desert with its saksaul plants, picturesque mountains...
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